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We have developed an Intensive and Individualized Care Plan both for patients and their families which combines the latest approaches supported by current psychiatric and psychological trends.

Short-term Psychiatric Hospitalization

Director: Dr. Malena Garay, M.D.
Medical Director: Dr. José Tejada, M.D.

Our staff is committed to making short-term psychiatric hospitalization effective in the initial treatment of the diagnosed disorder. From the moment a patient is admitted into our center, we start working closely with him and his family, taking into account his social and cultural setting. Our inter-disciplinary approach is designed to overcome the acute situation that made hospitalization necessary and plan both inpatient therapy and post-hospitalization care.

We assess the need for high complexity tests (MRI, CAT scans, neuroscience lab work).

Disintoxication Module

Director: Dr. Carlos Nasep, M.D.
Medical Director: Dr. José Tejada, M.D.

It is specialized in the initial treatment of substance abuse addictions, based on psychopharmacological algorithms approved worldwide and on continuing update. This includes the evaluation of the patient’s social and family dynamics in order to secure adherence to the specific addiction treatment.


Patients who are addicted to substances (hard drugs, alcohol, and psychoactive drugs, among other substances) and who show social compulsive behavior (compulsive gambling) are managed with individualized treatment plans tailored to meet their specific needs from the clinical, toxicological, psychiatric, psychopathological, social, and legal aspects.

We consider it essential to develop a multi-centered approach including a pharmacological disintoxication algorithm in an individualized setting of physical and nutritional care with psychotherapeutical interventions aimed to address emergency issues and family dynamics.

The patient’s treatment plan is permanently monitored and adjusted until discharge, in order to meet the treatment goals stated upon patient admission into the center.

Disintoxication Module

Disintoxication treatment for addicted patients is provided through a 15-day specific care Module including:

  • Initial psychiatric interview.
  • Initial clinical and toxicological evaluation.
  • Full board in semi-private rooms with private bathroom.
  • 24-hour psychiatric medical staff on duty.
  • 24-hour psychiatric nursing staff on duty.
  • Medical care provided by psychiatrists and psychopharmacologists specialized in the treatment of substance abuse.
  • Individual and family psychotherapeutical care.
  • Therapeutic workshops conducted by staff trained in the management of acute patients.
  • Individualized physical and nutritional program developed by specialists.
  • Medication required by the disintoxication treatment.
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